Total support for on-site issues with
100 years of experience in corporate technology.

Since our founding in 1916, we have spent many years refining various ways to make our company attractive to customers. Flexible proposals honed by a track record of results in diverse fields both in Japan and internationally. Wide-ranging service capability, from business start-up to after-sales service. Additionally, a corporate system that combines cutting-edge and highly specialized technological capabilities and is continually seeking answers that have not yet been found in the world. We combine these aspects of our business as we make every effort to provide the best value for our customers.

01 A multi-faceted and multi-tiered
approach that only a machinery
trading company can offer

Over the course of our century-long history, we have accumulated a track record of serving a wide range of customers and suppliers that transcends specific industries or fields. This history of experience and achievements gives us familiarity with each industry and has allowed us to heighten our ability to select the most suitable products.
Furthermore, we make proposals that look at all possibilities for fundamental solutions to problems, including proposals of customized products that enhance machine performance and bulk delivery of peripheral devices.

02 A technology network
that makes all kinds of
manufacturing possible

We do more than just get the best products.
We provide a wide range of customer services suited to customers’ needs, including material selection, complete factory design, product supply chain establishment, and implementation of image processing systems for improved product quality.
We can also utilize our own engineers for technical verification needed for problem solving.
We bring together all of our technologies and knowledge to make our customers' ideals a reality.

03 A corporate structure
that pursues every possibility
from the start

As technology and needs change with the times, we continue to press forward with our insatiable desire for discovery. We fully utilize the wide-ranging network capabilities that we have cultivated over the years to develop new products, mechanisms, materials, and other products that have never existed before.
Through our connections with industries in various fields, we have incorporated all sorts of trend information and refined not only cutting-edge technologies but also highly specialized technologies as well. Based on this corporate structure that drives us to pursue new possibilities, we guide our customers to the solutions for all of their manufacturing issues.