Providing support for overseas business efficiency and development
by utilizing our networks abroad and advanced knowledge of trade

We provide wide-ranging support for overseas business development, including trade operations. With our vast network of contacts not only within Japan but also with overseas businesses, we are able to provide support for customers expanding their business overseas that is on par with the level we provide in Japan.


Comprehensive solutions for your overseas factory equipment needs.

We provide machines and systems best suited to solving problems related to production equipment and facilities in overseas factories by utilizing a combination of equipment from excellent local manufacturers, overseas products, and Japanese products. We will also handle everything from construction to after-sales maintenance.


Support for improving operational efficiency and expanding business through trade operations

We have local subsidiaries located in various parts of the world, which allows us to smoothly carry out trade operations through those companies. In addition to providing products that are difficult to obtain in your own country, we can provide support for import and export operations in Japan and overseas, improve the efficiency of your trading operations, and support the expansion of your business.


Cutting-edge overseas technology available both in Japan and abroad

We provide the latest technology and products to meet the needs of our customers through our reliable overseas network. Not only do we import into Japan, we also export to other countries, bringing technological innovation to production sites both in Japan and abroad.


We propose optimal products and systems by utilizing our local subsidiaries and overseas manufacturing, sales, and procurement networks.

Overseas Business Scheme
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