Tsubakimoto Kogyo Co., Ltd.


Total support for on-site issues with
100 years of experience in corporate technology.

Tsubaco has the optimal solutions to solve your problems.


“The capabilities and dimensions of existing products listed in the manufacturers’ catalogs do not match, so we are looking for parts that fit our needs.”

A wide array of products and customization proposals

We offer the most suitable products from our extensive domestic and overseas network. We also support bulk delivery of customized products optimized for your equipment, and peripheral equipment that can improve the performance of your machines.

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“An additional production line is being planned at the existing factory, but we do not know the optimal line configuration within the scope of the existing building.”

Complete factory design

We will provide a complete design for your factory according to the characteristics of your products. Our specialists, familiar with all kinds of industries, provide support for aspects of the project, from comprehensive equipment selection and technical verification of each equipment combination to construction management.

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“We are looking for a company that can provide total support from material selection to product creation.”

Support provided all the way to supply chain establishment

We listen to customer requests and undertake all aspects from procurement of optimal materials to processing, production, and distribution, while also taking overseas products into consideration. We will also gladly take care of development of environmentally friendly products.

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Visual inspection lines automated with the help of image processing systems. “I want to improve yield and product quality.”

Proposals of the latest image processing system suited to your equipment

We offer a wide range of advanced image processing systems that allow you to "visualize" things that were previously judged by human eyes and senses, and convert any process into data. We offer proposals that lead to improved operational efficiency and quality throughout your factory, even including predictive maintenance.

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“We are looking for a company that can handle delivery and installation of new equipment to our overseas factory.”

Providing support for construction of production equipment overseas

Backed by a wealth of overseas business experience, we offer a full range of services including trade operations for exporting domestic and overseas products to other countries, construction, and after-sales maintenance. We can take care of all your needs, even including technical verification of combinations of Japanese and foreign-made products.

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