Capturing potential needs with a vast array of products and proposal ability that exceeds expectations

We offer proposals for equipment that moves, carries, and conveys things in a wide range of industries. We utilize our vast product lineup, cultivated through our extensive domestic and overseas network, to solve a diverse variety of customer issues.


Utilizing our extensive number of products to propose optimal product combinations and customizations

We offer one of the industry's most diverse product ranges to cover various situations. We also offer customized products and products sold in combination with other items in our diverse product range to suit the needs of specific cases. These strengths enable us to make proposals that lead to solutions for our customers across a wide range of industries.


A team of professionals solving problems with a wealth of product knowledge

Our network of manufacturers and customers both in Japan and overseas helps us hone our knowledge of cutting-edge products and rare overseas products. Our professionals utilize this wealth of knowledge to lead our customers to solutions.


Proposals with added value that capture potential needs

We place great value on offering proposals that improve performance and efficiency, which we do by digging deep into our customers' needs and accurately ascertaining the potential needs of their issues.


Our company boasts a unique commercial distribution flow.
In addition to standard parts, we can also offer a variety of proposals for everything from customized products to large systems to meet our customers' needs.


Medical Industry

Advanced medical equipment

Rotating gantry shifts when an emergency stop is made

Advanced medical equipment


Construction Machinery Industry

Boring machine

When a problem with the drive unit occurs, it takes a long time to find the cause and restore the system.

Boring machine
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