Proposals for improving production site efficiency and quality
by "visualizing" things that could not be seen before

We offer image processing systems that "visualize" inspection information in the manufacturing process and improve quality at production sites. Furthermore, these systems support IoT and AI technologies, which have become increasingly necessary at production sites in recent years. This enables centralized management of inspection information and real-time analysis, and also provides support that leads to the discovery and improvement of issues that occur at sites.


Support for image processing systems from installation to operation

Taking advantage of our many years of experience in the equipment business, we offer not only image processing systems but also comprehensive proposals that include the surrounding production lines, and then take on the entire process all the way to operation.


Proposals by professionals with in-depth knowledge of highly specialized image processing systems

We contribute to "visualizing" things that were previously thought to be invisible, such as observation using vacuum-proof cameras, non-contact thermal image measurement through glass, and analysis of the state of suspended matter in gases and liquids.
Our knowledgeable and experienced sales staff will propose the systems best suited to your needs.


Using IoT and AI technologies to automate aggregation, storage, and analysis of data

IoT technology can be used to collect a wide variety of data. Production processes and operation status can also be "visualized".
Accumulated big data is organized and analyzed with the use of AI. We offer proposals that lead to improved operational efficiency and quality throughout your factory, even including predictive maintenance.
We can provide total support for the collection, relay, storage, and analysis of your data.


3D observation of circuit boards
Temperature measurement inside a diesel engine
Vector analysis of fluid
Visualization of arc welding


We are able to propose a wide range of solutions to meet customers’ needs, including not only data collection, but also the relay, storage, and analysis processes.


Japanese and foreign-made sensor-based products

We can propose sensors that are best suited for acquiring various types of information among a wide range of products from both Japan and overseas.



A device that aggregates data acquired from various sensors and relays the data for transmission to a server. We have products that are easy to install and ready to use.

Accumulating & analyzing

Cloud & edge computing

Accumulates and analyzes data from various sensors. In addition to cloud computing, we also offer high-performance IPC with high-speed processing that is ideal for edge computing.

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