Utilizing our numerous achievements and reliable engineering capability, we transcend the framework of a trading company to solve customers’ problems

We have in our employ a large number of specialists familiar with a wide range of industries and wielding expertise in FA (factory automation) and material handling systems.
We also have engineering capabilities that allow us to make proposals ranging from systemization of equipment and extending into construction.


A team of professionals with outstanding knowledge in FA and material handling

Our specialists make proposals proudly backed by an industry-leading track record in FA and material handling design and installation.
We can handle cases of a variety of sorts by handling a wide range of equipment and systems, including custom-made automated machines and transport systems.


Accurate proposals based on our accumulated achievements across all industries

Our employees have familiarity with any industry and offer more productive proposals attuned to the particular characteristics of each industry.
Through our detailed proposals, we uncover issues that customers may not even be aware of and lead them to solutions.


Not only equipment proposals, but also technical support and construction management

We not only propose the most suitable equipment, but also carry out technical verification of proposed plans and thorough construction management.
Our engineers, well versed in mechanical and electrical control, will provide technical verification while our total of 79 construction management technicians will deliver the proposed system with the utmost quality.


Our sales representatives boast abundant achievements and industry knowledge, and will provide total support for your issues.

Confirmation of required specifications

In addition to confirming customer issues and requirements, we also conduct a detailed survey and analysis of the site and operations.

Planning and plan proposal

We propose the most suitable plans for our customers based on issues, requirements, surveys, and analyses.

Detailed design

We propose more detailed designs and planning, including specification designs of each piece of equipment, detailed system designs, and delivery schedules.

Installation work / operation

We provide total support from the overall process management of all equipment and devices to construction management, safety management, test runs, and operation methods.

After-sales service

We also take care of regular maintenance and troubleshooting. We will provide support for post-operation improvement when needed.


Food product industry

Proposal of high-efficiency equipment that takes environmental impact into account

“We want to improve production efficiency and reduce production costs, but available space is limited”

Proposal of high-efficiency equipment that takes environmental impact into account


Paper industry

Improve production efficiency by linking systems between manufacturing processes

“We want to produce new materials but lack the knowledge about what equipment is needed”

Improve production efficiency by linking systems between manufacturing processes
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Information about products handled by the Facility & Equipment Business by industry.
In order to meet ever-evolving market needs, we have established our own unique multi-network and are developing detailed solution services to address each customer issue individually.

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